Monday, August 30, 2010

Ipar Duai... Bangganya

Taking the silk route

Ahmad Fairuz Othman
COMING from a family of businessmen, Sahela'siah Yusof was bound to start her own venture sooner or later.
A vast collection of materials and designs are available at the shop
— Pictures by Ahmad Fairuz Othman
Five of her eight siblings have shops, boutiques and restaurants selling apparel, glassware, souvenirs and food.

Last month, Sahela'siah became the proud owner of a fabric and baju kurung shop, Sahela Collection, at Tesco Kulai.

Sahela'siah, 34, was an adminstration officer for an electronics factory. After 14 years there, she took up the offer of a voluntary separation scheme and used part of the money to set up the shop.

The Yusof siblings probably inherited their business sense from their father, who operated a sundry shop in their old neighbourhood of Felda Taib Andak, Kulai.

Sahela’siah Yusof and a piece of Italian silk,
which can be made into traditional baju kurung.
"Since we were little, my brothers, sisters and I would help out at our father's shop. He taught us the the tricks of the trade, and soon we all followed in his footsteps," said Sahela'siah.

Sahela'siah said the fabric and clothes trade had always been her first choice for a business venture.

Her interest was spurred by her two sisters, who owned their own baju kurung boutiques in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Tinggi.

Since its opening, the shop has received a steady stream of customers looking for Italian and China silk, and ready-made baju kurung.

The modest shop located at the hypermarket's Bazaar Rakyat on the ground floor also has a collection of chiffon fabrics.
"Chiffon is all the rage now. Women love to use this sheer material to make traditional baju kurung.

"There is a big demand for traditional baju kurung; the modern versions are harder to sell," she said.

A tailor makes the ready-made baju kurung. The shop also accepts orders for custom-made baju kurung.

"I had always loved fashion since I was a teenager. I also like business.

Sahela Collection at Tesco Kulai
"While helping out as a salesgirl at my sister's boutique, I once sold RM11,000 worth of clothes to some Datin and tourists from Brunei and Singapore."

The fabrics sold at her shop come in three price ranges: high-end, medium range and affordable.

Her Italian, China and Korean silks are sold between RM175 and RM250 for four metres in length.

Her medium-range priced chiffon, which are her best sellers, are sold between RM65 and RM85. Her affordable chiffon fabrics are sold for between RM30 and RM55.

All ready-made baju kurung are priced between RM100 and RM150.



At Sunday, 05 September, 2010 , Blogger MariaHoney said...

nanti aku nak singgah saner..weeeeeeeee.....

At Tuesday, 07 September, 2010 , Blogger aisyahalya said...

pergi la... kakak shidi ada 2 org kat sana, 1) DAFA FASHION - blouse, jubah, baju kurung.. mcm2 ada 2) SAHELA Collection- bnyk kain ela & baju kurung


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